Saving sight and improving the lives of our patients through innovation and the highest quality care

RCA is bringing together national leaders in surgical and clinical retinal care.  This network comprises preeminent retina research specialists with the common goal of eradicating blindness from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other retina diseases. 

Why RCA?

Our guiding principles have helped us to establish the largest group of top-ranked retinal care & research practices in the nation.


Our physician partners drive clinical decisions while RCA provides support with business intelligence, experience and resources. 

Education & Expertise

Partners benefit from the research of other experts in the network and are enabled to provide unmatched patient results. 


The desire to provide an excellent patient experience in all instances of our business is core to every decision we make.

“RCA is a unique partnership that leverages critical talents from multiple disciplines. They have combined expert medical and surgical retina care doctors from the leading retina practices across the US. There is no better place to turn to for the BEST retinal care in the country.”

Joel Pearlman, MD, PhD
Retinal Consultants Serving Northern California