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Retina Consultants of America Host Evening Event During AAO 2022 in Chicago

November 1, 2022

On October 1, 2022, Retina Consultants of America held an evening cocktail event at Fatpour Tap Works McCormick Place in Chicago to celebrate the brilliant expert physicians who shared their experience in nearly 30 presentations at AAO 2022 Chicago.

“We were excited to see so many of our physicians from across the country coming together in-person, sharing their cutting-edge research and experience during the conference. We are proud to have them as a part of our team at RCA, and we were happy to be able to put this evening event together during AAO 2022 to celebrate their achievements,” said Dr. David Brown.

RCA is the only network of leading retina specialists focused solely on retinal care with the mission of saving sight and improving patient lives through innovation and the highest quality care. Created by Webster Equity Partners in 2020 and headquartered in Southlake, Texas, RCA operates in more than 180 locations in 18 states. Through RCA’s physician-centered practice management model, physicians continue to drive state-of-the-art clinical care and practice culture, while benefitting from the business expertise, resources and shared best practices available through RCA.

Dr. Robert Mittra (Retina Consultants of Minnesota), Dr. Dante Pieramici (California Retina

Dr. Robert Mittra (Retina Consultants of Minnesota), Dr. Dante Pieramici (California Retina Consultants)

Dr. Rosa Kim (Retina Consultants of Texas) Dr. Jonathan Jonisch (Vitreoretinal Consultants of New York), Dr. Vy Nguyen (Retina Consultants of Texas)


Dr. Nathan Steinle (California Retina Consultants), Dr. Jonathan Jonisch (Vitereoretinal Consultants of New York)

Sean Goodale (Kansas City Retina) Carol Olvera & Elesha Burford (Colorado Retina Associates)

Dr. Will Parke, Dr. Edwin Ryan, Dr. David Williams (Retina Consultants of Minnesota)

Dr. Jonathan Jonisch and Dr. Phil Ferrone (Vitreoretinal Consultants of New York)

David Gavin, Pennie Tankersley, and Dr. John Wells (Palmetto Retina Center)

Dr. Matthew Benz, Dr. Charles Wykoff, Dr. David Brown (Retina Consultants of Texas)

Konner Sandberg, Conor Barnett, Kristin Yockus (RCA)

Dr. Rosa Kim & Dr. Calvin Mein (Retina Consultants of Texas)

Dr. Christianne Wa & Dr. Margaret Chang (Retinal Consultants Medical Group)

Dr. Christianne Wa, Dr. Margaret Chang, Dr. Cameron Pole (Retinal Consultants Medical Group)

Back row - David Gavin (Palmetto Retina Center), Dr. Ranjit Dhaliwal (The Retina Eye Center) Front Row - Dr. Oksana Demediuk (The Retina Eye Center), Pennie Tankersley (Palmetto Retina Center)

Dr. David Brown (Retina Consultants of Texas) Dr. Bob Avery (California Retina Consultants) Dr.David Williams (Retina Consultants of Minnesota)

Dr. Eduardo Uchiyama (Retina Group of Florida) and Dr. Franco Recchia (Tennessee Retina)