Samantha Meadors, RN, CHC - SVP & Chief Compliance Officer

Samantha has an impressive background in healthcare compliance and possesses the skills to assess, interpret and incorporate applicable regulations that enhance the quality, service and care an organization provides.

Prior to joining Retina Consultants of America, Ms. Meadors orchestrated compliance programs in numerous post-acute settings as well as an inpatient psychiatric hospital and chemical dependency treatment facility. She is a registered nurse and graduate of Dakota Wesleyan University and holds a certificate in healthcare compliance.

Ms. Meadors is a determined, energetic, and accomplished healthcare regulatory and compliance executive with over 20 years of experience in quality initiatives, policies and procedures, healthcare regulations, internal audit, risk analysis, due diligence, and mergers and acquisition integration. She has held progressive leadership and senior management roles and consistently exhibits proven ability to educate, transform, and sustain a culture of compliance. Her high-performing, results-driven teams focused on clinical quality, commitment to compliance, and fostering partnerships across the organization to meet and exceed company objectives.

Samantha has many key accomplishments including managing an impressively low number (fewer than 10) of professional liability claims in more than 120 locations across 21 states over a seven-year period. She has overseen over 300 regulatory audits and investigations, all resulting in substantial compliance with state and federal regulations. Additionally, she has navigated an audit conducted by the Texas Office of the Inspector General spanning three fiscal years for three locations. The audit included a review of $300M resulting in zero dollars being recouped.