Dr. Charles C. Wykoff is a board-certified Medical and Surgical Retina Specialist and ophthalmologist with Retina Consultants of Texas (RCTX).

Leading a top international research facility for vitreoretinal diseases, Dr. Wykoff serves as Director of Research at RCTX and the Greater Houston Retina Research Foundation (GHRRF), and Chairman of the Research and Clinical Trials Subcommittee, Retina Consultants of America. In addition, he serves as the elected Deputy Chair of Ophthalmology for the Blanton Eye Institute, Houston Methodist Hospital.

Dr. Wykoff has been awarded the American Academy of Ophthalmology Secretariat and Achievement Awards as well as the American Society of Retina Specialists Senior Honor and Young Investigator Awards.

Dr. Wykoff is passionate about translational research and clinical trial design, and serves as principal investigator for numerous national clinical trials. publishing over 160 peer-reviewed scientific articles and frequently speaks at national and international academic meetings. His research interests pertain to angiogenesis and retinal vascular diseases including age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and venous occlusive diseases, as well as vitreoretinal surgical topics such as retinal tears and retinal detachments, as well as macular surgery for macular holes and macular puckers. He is highly trained and skilled to perform a variety of surgical procedures, and also works with patients to hold off surgery as long as possible with conservative, nonsurgical treatment when possible.

He serves on multiple scientific advisory boards and global clinical-trial steering committees for endeavors spanning the innovative process from early to late stage development. He is foundationally involved with entrepreneurial activities focused on bringing the value of clinical trials to new centers across the globe, on improving the efficiency of clinical trial design, and on optimizing the quality of data collected from prospective studies. His guiding philosophy is to build and strengthen innovative, ethical teams focused on developing new approaches to improving outcomes for blinding diseases.

He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from MIT, received his PhD from Oxford University in England while on a Marshall Scholarship, and his medical degree from Harvard Medical School. As a medical student, he co-authored the book Fighting Global Blindness. Dr. Wykoff completed his ophthalmology residency and vitreoretinal fellowship at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, a top-rated eye hospital in the country. While there, he was awarded a Heed Fellowship, the Ronald G. Michels Fellowship Award (the nation’s highest honor for a retina surgery fellow), and served as Chief Resident/Co-Director of Ocular Trauma.

Dr. Wykoff is active on the ASRS Board of Directors where he serves as Chair of the Practice Management Committee. He is President (2021-2023) of the Vit-Buckle Society. He is also an elected member of the Retina Society and Macula Society and was a founding member of the Ophthalmology Retina Editorial Board.